In developing countries every five seconds one person goes blind, every minute one child.

Vision / Mission / Objectives

Muzazo a Woyzite, etiopské babičky


  • SVĚTLO PRO SVĚT's professionalism matches that of the best foreign development work in Czech Republic.
  • We want to be an independent, stable and growing organization with a good reputation among the general public as well as private and public donors.


The basic mission of SVĚTLO PRO SVĚT is helping the blind and sight-impaired persons in developing countries, particularly in Ethiopia, Rwanda and Burkina Faso. The projects focus on blindness treatment through cataract surgeries, granular lid prevention and treatment of its consequences, and also rehabilitation and re-socialization of impaired children. We also strive to achieve development of and respect for rights of persons with disabilities and to increase awareness of this issue.

Our principles are:

  • empowerment,
  • development of long-term sustainable structures,
  • support for the education of local experts,
  • integration of people with disabilities into all areas of life.

Living with a disability in the poorest countries of the world means being among the most vulnerable inhabitants of our planet. We assist the neediest regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, gender or religion.


Based on the principle of non-discrimination, participation and responsibility, our objectives are as follows:

  • to provide access to medical care to people with disabilities through professional and sustainable technologies,
  • to stimulate inclusion of professionals in the field into all areas of development cooperation.

Ways of achieving these objectives

Collaboration with local governments, civic society, local disabled people’s organizations (DPOs), international organizations and scholars to increase awareness of sight-related problems in target countries and regions.

Support of local partners occurs through:

  • financial and material help,
  • transfer of professional know-how/skills,
  • development of appropriate organizational and institutional capacities,
  • human resources development.

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