In developing countries every five seconds one person goes blind, every minute one child.

Registration of starting numbers for RunCzech series

Price entry fee 2017:
Sportisimo half marathon Prague 90 EUR
Volkswagen marathon Prague

112 EUR

14. - 15. 6.
O2 Prague Relay 4x5

for more information contact

14.6. Diplomatic cup for more information contact


Maraton Praha 2015


Registration step-by-step:


1) Fill in the application form ( and confirm it

2) You automatically receive an email with unique variable symbol (VS), account number and the amount of money (the entry fee) – it is necessary to use correct VS, otherwise there will be complications with the payment

3) The entry fee must be paid within 3 days, after 3 days you’ll receive a reminder and if we won’t receive your payment within another 2 days the reserved number will be free.

4) After the payment is received on our account (within 5 working days with a correct VS), the payments will be paired up and you receive second email with further instructions and the registration code

5) Follow the instructions given in second email – register on the website:, where you create your ID with given registration code and get your starting number


6) Lastly, you only need to pick up your starting number and enjoy the run


Running Hanes t-shirt costs only 380 CZK! Would you like to have one? Let us know through

Running in Light fot he World´s yellow t-shirt gives you double benefit. At first, you´ll do something good for your health and also, you´ll support the good thing! Since 2009 we have been proud partner of Prague International Marathon. Fixed part of starting fee is devoted to ophthalmological projects in Africa (mainly in Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, and Rwanda). Local doctors can give the sight back during 15 minutes long uncomplicated operation that costs only CZK 800.

Have you already bought your starting number and still wanna support us? You can buy our running t-shirt and show your support!

For all logistic information (e.g. when and where you can pick up the starting number), please, contact Prague International Marathon directly.

Light for the World is able to provide you with the information only about registration. Thank you for your understanding.

Stay tuned through Facebook or Twitter.

Runs in 2016:
2.4. Sportisimo 1/2 Maraton Praha 8.5. Volkswagen Maraton Praha
10.9. Birell Grand Prix Praha 21.5.

Mattoni 1/2Maraton Karlovy Vary

4.6. 1/2 Maraton České Budějovice 25.6. 1/2Maraton Olomouc
17.9. 1/2 marathon Ústí nad Labem
Runs in 2015:
28.3. Sportisimo 1/2 Maraton Praha 2.-3.5. Volkswagen Maraton Praha
5.9. Birell Grand Prix Praha 23.5.

Mattoni 1/2Maraton Karlovy Vary

6.6. Mattoni 1/2Maraton České Budějovice 20.6. Mattoni 1/2Maraton Olomouc

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