In developing countries every five seconds one person goes blind, every minute one child.


19.9.2016 12:31

Registration for the Night - Run!


Enrol and run with us at Night Run Prague, Night Run České Budějovice or Night Run Olomouc!

Light for the world got 100 vouchers for 10 km night runs: Night Run Prague (24.9.2016), Czech Budejovice Night Run (8.10.2016) or Night Run Olomouc (15.10.2016). The whole proceeds will be again donated to the treatment of blindness in Africa! Registration price is CZK 500 , and each participant will receive a commemorative gift.

At Night Run Praha you are required to register online until Tuesday 20. 9. 2016! For online registration click here:, after the payment is credited to our account you will receive a registration code or come pay cash and we will give you voucher directly at our pick :) ( Kartouzská 4/200 , 150 99 Praha 5 ) .

So go ahead and run with us to welcome autumn!

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