In developing countries every five seconds one person goes blind, every minute one child.


10.8.2016 11:00

Ondra Zmeškal did it again!


The fourth annual Metrostav Handy-Cyklo Marathon finished on Saturday, August 6th, 2016 and we could not miss it this time!

The Blindman Team, led by Ondra Zmeškal, took the beautiful fifth place among eight-person teams and they even collected the crown jewels of Carl the Fourth. These crown jewels were donated by Preciosa and Ondra has become our crowned king of the race. The Blindman Team won total of two time trials, one being the fastest 700 kilometers on the route Prague-Uničov and the second one being the best in biking up the Červenohorské sedlo. Congratulations!

Final celebration of the marathon finish took place at Vítězném náměstí, where you could find us at our booth and try out our traditional blind-path. The motto of this project was friendship and cooperation with handicapped people and we appreciate and thank for the amazing atmosphere.

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