In developing countries every five seconds one person goes blind, every minute one child.


SVĚTLO PRO SVĚT – LIGHT FOR THE WORLD, o. s. is a non-governmental organization focusing on blindness prevention and treatment and systemic support of disabled persons in developing countries.


“To be able to see is the greatest luck!”

22.1.2016 13:10
(Degie Addis, Ethiopia, cataracta) Since she was 13 years old Degie Addis was not able to see on one eye. In her village, even in the neighbouring town, there is no eye-doctor. When her eye-sight was vanishing also on the other eye, her world broke down.

Rehabilitation in developing countries, video

14.1.2016 10:59
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Have you ever wondered how it is with access to rehabilitation in developing countries? More you'll see in our video.

Beletu (50): The Bread of my Life

21.5.2015 14:34
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"Taste this", Beletu Trunesh said and is pointing at a sourly smelling flatbread. "This is Injera", she said, "my livelihood. The receip is simple, you have to mix whater and powder together. Than the dough have to stand for a view days, before the dough will be baken on a hot stoneplate. How many flatbreads I made in my life, I do not know. But I have made many."

Emergency Help for Nepla: Update

19.5.2015 13:34
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The heavy aftershock in the last week disturbed the cleanup efforts in Nepal. The aid missions are nevertheless still running and averbody tries to put as much effort in the work he or she could.

Nepal: Help where nobody can go

5.5.2015 13:27
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Actually we wanted to send greetings for the Mother`s Day, but instead we have to report about the earthquake in Nepal which affected the people in the country where we have settled some projects. More than 7.000 casualties were counted. In addition there are lots of seriously injured persons, who often are affected by a long time disability. The Karuna Faoundation, our partner in Nepal, is asking us for help in these days.
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Running against blindness

Watch the second episode of our new running video and you can learn how to save sights.

Prague International Marathon

Run with us in 2014 and help to save sight of people in Africa



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