In developing countries every five seconds one person goes blind, every minute one child.


SVĚTLO PRO SVĚT – LIGHT FOR THE WORLD, o. s. is a non-governmental organization focusing on blindness prevention and treatment and systemic support of disabled persons in developing countries.


Light for the World attended this year’s Mighty Sounds

5.8.2016 10:49
Similar to the past years, Light for the World visited the Mighty Sounds festival and offered the opportunity to donate and to light a candle for the “Thousand Lights for Ethiopia 2016” to fight against blindness in the underdeveloped world.

Optics Horus returns sight!

27.7.2016 14:43
Within the collection of the action Optics help, we organize in cooperation with the Association of Czech Opticians and Optometrists, we unsealed more poor boxes.

South Sudan currently

14.7.2016 09:25
In South Sudan since Friday (July 8), there was an escalation of the conflict between supporters of President Kiir and Machar its opponent, which has persisted since 2013. Fights moved to the capital, Juba, and there were many casualties, thousands of people were forced to flee.

We are training for the autumn runs!

7.7.2016 09:08
Holidays are in full swing, but rolling in the grass does not tell us anything. Indeed train runs on the autumn! 10. 9. 2016 - Birell Grand Prix Prague and 17. 9. 2016 - half marathon Usti nad Labem.

We are helping the blind, and you can join us!

12.6.2016 16:51
Race on the Great Wall of China convinced me that no matter whether the person you're running with is blind. More important is for us to see and to be aware. You have to have your eyes open and watch instead of her. Then it does not matter if you run a marathon or something else. Together, you can overcome even greater obstacles than the Great Wall of China.
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Running against blindness

Watch the second episode of our new running video and you can learn how to save sights.

Prague International Marathon

Run with us in 2014 and help to save sight of people in Africa



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