In developing countries every five seconds one person goes blind, every minute one child.

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International Cooperation All Inclusive

23.9.2013 13:06
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From now on all development programs of the UN agencies and all 193 Member States have to be made accessible!

End Exploitation and Marginalization!

16.9.2013 12:59
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UN High Commissioner for Human Rights calls for inclusion of persons with disabilities

Education: Include Children with Disabilities!

8.9.2013 12:56
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International Literacy Day: many children with disabilities are still deprived of their right to education.

Step by Step towards the Light

31.8.2013 12:51
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For blind persons in rural regions of Burkina Faso, medical outreaches mean a chance to return to a self-determined life.

All rights for all people – the legacy of the 1993 Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action

22.7.2013 12:38
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20 years ago the Vienna Conference brought about a turning point for human rights worldwide. The 2013 Vienna Conference developed a set of recommendations, focusing on three main areas: Rule of law and good governance, women’s rights, and human rights in the post-2015 agenda.

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