In developing countries every five seconds one person goes blind, every minute one child.

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Equal Right, Equal Opportunity

5.12.2013 13:25
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GCE presents new report on Inclusive Education for children with disabilities

It's all about Children

22.11.2013 13:22
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Too many children around the world suffer various forms of violence at home, in their communities, and in many other settings.

Diabetic Retinopathy on the Rise

18.11.2013 13:18
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Last week’s World Diabetes Day drew attention to one of the 10 leading causes of death in the world.

Light Is Life

15.11.2013 13:15
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Support Zumtobel's user study and help restore eyesight

Nunu’s Future is Looking Bright

3.10.2013 13:08
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Led by her father, 10-year-old Nunu enters the eye clinic at Butajira, Ethiopia. Her vision is clouded...

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